Your success is our success

Our vision

To completely change the payment processing landscape with a merchant-first approach that allows SMBs to be worry-free about all things payments.

Our mission

To be a leading ally to business owners, providing them with the best deal customized to their unique needs, supporting them with payment processing expertise and exceptional service.

We are experts in all things payments

Sekure is a national payment solutions provider founded in November 2008 by four working partners. We’ve worked with many small business owners that’s given us insight into the needs of small businesses and a desire to create an optimistic future by relieving pain points. 


Over 35,000 businesses trust us to manage their payment processing and merchant solutions. Our Payment Experts work with them daily, continuing long-term relationships that achieve mutual success.  

Our core values drive
everything we do.
It’s business.
And it’s personal.™


We always work as your ally. Collaboration is the key to your success.

Sekure works with me, not orders me to do something. That collaboration means everything gets done right.

Justin Grand, Eagle Quik Shop


Our specialists are experts in payment solutions and small businesses.

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Mary Beth’s knowledge on my equipment was expert level, helping me with installation and troubleshooting.

Robert Smalls, Bicycle Repair


Our basic belief - is that positivity is a key to success. We’re always looking at ways to make our merchants’ troubles disappear.

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Sekure’s support and service are so great! I always have a bright and positive experience filled with laughter and joy. I love talking to my rep.

Alan Matthews, Alan’s Bakery


We are committed to giving merchants straightforward advice about rates and equipment so they can trust us.

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Sekure helps me understand my statements, and I always trust that I am getting the best rates with them. Francis takes his time to explain everything to me.

Barb, Barb’s Floral Delivery


We care about getting things right. We are not credit card processors and are free to make sure merchants are set up with the best deals.

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I had all the wrong equipment for my bed and breakfast, and my representative took time to explain why upgrading would save me money in the long term. They really cared about my needs and the success of my business.

Chantal, Basecamp B&B

The symbol of who we are

The Sekure Hummingbird

In legend, many believed the hummingbird was the sun in disguise. Its arrival signifies that stressful times are over, bringing news of light, optimism and a joyful future.

At Sekure, we believe in positivity. It’s one of our core values. The Hummingbird represents that.

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy, and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning, and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.

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